Guidelines and Standards

SafeLandings® Systems are the ONLY indoor safety flooring products that meet all Federal, state and local standards and guidelines pertaining to life threatening or debilitating injuries resulting from a fall.

Helpful Links

Provided are links to websites that discuss playground safety standards and regulations.

Product Application

SafeLandings Shock Absorbing Systems provided indoor areas where infants, toddlers and young children play with the most advanced 
safety technology available in surfacing today.

Critical Fall Height

The critical fall height of a playground surface is based on the height of the highest piece of equipment that a child can stand on. This height will determine the thickness or impact attenuation a play surface must have.


The SafeLandings® Systems are available in a range of standard and custom sizes to meet the needs of individual facilities. SafeLandings can be installed wall-to-wall, against one or two walls or as an island adjacent to or under an existing play area to accommodate any climber, loft, or playground equipment.