Safe Flooring For Shopping Malls Indoor Play Ground
SafeLandings Featured in the Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall Indoor Play Area
Safe Landings carpet system that is safe kids flooring and wood play ground with blue slide and rock wall.
It’s All About the Little Ones at the New Elf Cafe in Traverse City, Michigan
Bright green and purple SafeLandings Resilient Sheet Vinyl System at an indoor day care with small tables and several plastic play equipment.
Casper Recreation Center

Casper Recreation Center in Wyoming recently installed our Resilient Rubber Flooring System in the play space used for elementary-aged children. This center utilizes green and purple topcoat colors together to create a unique and fun design for this space. This SafeLandings flooring system is designed to withstand the heavy traffic experienced by this recreation space. Additionally, SafeLandings Resilient Rubber Flooring System has outstanding impact safety meeting ASTM F1292 guidelines for Impact Attenuation as well as superior hygienic properties.