About Us


About SafeLandingsĀ®

SafeLandings Systems deliver the most advanced technology in safety flooring solutions for kids available today. Designed primarily for early childhood play settings , SafeLandings can be used anywhere an indoor fall hazard may exist.


SafeLandings Indoor Shock Absorbing Flooring System is the ORIGINAL Safety Flooring for Kids. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying!

Our Customers

For our customers, since 1997, we have created unique fall-rated safety flooring products that offer outstanding impact safety, superior hygienic properties, added facility value and installation design versatility for indoor playground floors worldwide.


The Frequently Asked Questions include “What is a Critical Fall Height” or What is a Use Zone? .  If you have a question not listed, contact us at the above phone or email address to reach one of our consultants for a prompt and thorough answer.

Locations of Our Installations

SafeLandings Shock Absorbing Flooring Systems are located worldwide, and has an international reputation, with installations in eight countries. SafeLandings is the premier provider for fall rated safety flooring for young children’s indoor play spaces.